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Football Supporters International

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This is actually the international part of the Dutch site of FSI. You can use this page for a lot of info in English (use the menu). Or go to our partners in England, Germany or Italy (use the flags in the left side of this page).

If you want to go to the Dutch version, click here>>  voetbalsupporters.info



Football Supporters International Petition






  No to game 39

The Premier League have gone too far with their proposals to invent an extra fixture to be played abroad – and the time for football fans to stand up and be counted has arrived.

If you oppose this outrageous desecration of the national game, we strongly urge you to read the text in the window on the right hand side of this page, fill in the form beneath it, read the instructions underneath and click the "Add my name button". Please pay particular attention to the e-mail verification process – it is important that the people responsible for making this decision know the real level of anger and opposition it has caused.

We want as many people as possible to sign up and add their name. Everyone who does will receive an email confirming that they're part of the campaign and an email on your behalf will be fired off to the FA Premier League as well as all 20 FAPL clubs, leaving them in no doubt about the strength of feeling on this issue. A full list of the e-mail addresses we are sending to can be found further down this page, we encourage as many fellow fans as possible to personally contact your club too.

In addition to this petition the Football Supporters' Federation are planning ways we can help fans to organise protests at each of the 20 Premier League grounds. Not only the fans, even the bettors who make their living out of these grand sports events can come forward to place their views. It could be some interesting betting tips for online football betting or just an opinion. If you would like to be involved in the NO TO GAM£ 39 supporters' action, please e-mail [email protected]  stating the club you support and any ideas you have or suggestions you can make.

And don't just leave it there – you must know dozens of people who feel the same way about this. So spread the word, email them and tell them about the campaign, and make sure they get signed up too. Fans are the most important people in football. We have to make sure our voice is heard.

Sign here >>> PETITION







   See our special site in Dutch >>> EURO 2008 




FSI to host 1.5 million supporters at euro 2008 




Because we think that during the Euro2008 fans should be treated as guests instead of potential troublemakers, FSI will, building on the good experiences that several supporters organisations of England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have over the past 15 years with helping and supporting football supporters, organize the hosting of the visiting supporters. In the planning until now there will be fan zones in each hosting city, with big screens and music. There will be fan embassies in the city centre and the FSI will have supporter’s teams of so called Fans Embassy Workers (FEW) of the participating countries to help and advise supporters of their own country. The task of these FEW teams is to give information about supporter’s issues like tickets, cheap accommodation, camp-sites, bus-and trainlines to venues and stadiums, etc. But also the FEW teams will help supporters if they lost their ticket or passport, if someone has to go to hospital, if a supporter is arrested, if you have problems in your hotel or on the campsite, etc. The FEW teams will be supported by ‘home-teams’ of supporters of the hosting cities. These home teams know the way in their city and speak the Portuguese language, which can be very helpful for both FEW teams and supporters. FEW teams will not be active in matters as public order and safety. They are there only to help supporters.

More information about FSI, who we are and how we work:


Football Supporters International



Football against racism





Sign up for the Anti-Racism World Cup in Italy


In July 2007 for the 11th time the Anti-racism World Cup was held in Italy. One unforgettable week of Italian sun, music and making friends.

This year more than 6000 young people from all over the world participated in the “Mondiali Antirazzisti”


See the web-site and sign up for next year with your football-team, your school-class or your friends! Direct information: Progetta Ultra, 0039 051 236 634. Ask for Ashly or Daniela.


Mondiali Antirazzisti Official Announcement


Last Updated ( Monday, 04 February 2008 )

Hello to all of you, friends of the Mondiali!
We’re very sorry to inform you that we must change the dates of the next Mondiali Antirazzisti.
Due to issues beyond our control, related to other events scheduled in Casalecchio during the weekend we had initially planned, we are forced to move the Mondiali to the week before, in order to provide all the necessary facilities and personnel for the festival.

Please take note of the new dates:
Wednesday 9 July - Sunday 13 July 2008

The location obviously remains the same: S. Allende Sports Centre, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna).
We apologize for the inconveniences this sudden change will cause, and hope to see you all this summer!














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