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Sign up for the Anti-Racism World Cup in Italy


In July 2005 for the 9th time the Anti-racism World Cup will be held in Montecchio in Italy. One unforgettable week of Italian sun, music and making friends. For free!

Last year more than 5000 young people from all over the world participated in the “Mondiali Antirazzisti”


See the web-site and sign up with your football-team, your school-class or your friends! Direct information: Progetta Ultra, 0039 051 236 634. Ask for Ashly or Daniela.








         Football Against Racism in the Americas



Established in 2003, FARA, Fútbol Against Racism in the Americas is a Not-for-Profit Corporation dedicated to cultural unification through the world's most beloved sport, soccer.

Following the September 11th attacks on the United States, it has become increasingly important to educate and promote cultural cohesion. We believe that through soccer, perhaps one of the few common celebrations of this diverse world, we can educate our nations to become more tolerant of one another.

If we can all share this wonderful passion, let us use it to our advantage...

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  *   Action plan for the future:     Read more>>


        *   UEFA anti racism pages



Football unites against racism


Europe's football community has gathered in London today for a unique conference carrying a simple message - kick racism out of football.

'Unite against Racism'
Representatives from UEFA's 52 member associations, Europe's leading clubs, supporters' organisations and anti-racist groups have converged on Stamford Bridge for a day of discussions being held under the banner 'Unite Against Racism'.

FARE support
The conference is being organised by European football's governing body, the English Football Association and the pan-European Football Against Racism (FARE) network, which has been given significant support by UEFA, including financial backing, since the network began its activities in 1999.

Close harmony
Racism and xenophobia has been a cancer within football for many years, and there is widespread consensus that racist attitudes have a detrimental effect on the game at all levels, on and off the field of play. For this reason, UEFA and FARE have been working in close harmony for some time to orchestrate a campaign which transmits a clear and coherent message that racists must be driven out of stadiums and off pitches.

Action plan and penalties
Last autumn, the two organisations joined forces to issue a ten-point plan of action aimed at helping associations and clubs to take measures against players, coaches, officials and supporters engaging in racist conduct. UEFA itself has also reinforced the disciplinary measures that can be taken for racist conduct. Penalties range from fines and suspensions to playing matches behind closed doors, and even stadium bans.

Top players invited
The conference agenda includes presentations by senior European football personalities, in-depth workshops and a panel session including top players, such as Chelsea FC's French international Marcel Desailly, who are active in the campaign against racism. Workshops topics include 'Educating fans, stewards and police', 'Developing policies at a national level', 'What clubs can do' and 'Tackling racism in UEFA competitions'. A draft guide to steps that should be taken to tackle racism in European football will be published at the conference.

Major personalities
Contributors at the conference include: Gerhard Aigner, UEFA Chief Executive; Per Omdal, UEFA vice-president; David Dein, Arsenal FC and FA vice-chairman; David Davies, the FA's acting CEO; Frantisek Laurinec, president of the Slovak Football Association; Dr Alfred Sengle, vice-president of the German Football Association; and the chairman of Chelsea FC, Ken Bates.

Former players
Among the other contributors are the national co-ordinator of FARE, Piara Powar; Garth Crooks, former player and broadcaster; Paul Elliott, ex-player and campaigner; Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association; plus some leading Premiership players. The conference will be co-chaired by UEFA communications and public affairs director Mike Lee and Lord Herman Ouseley of the UK-based organisation campaigning against racism in football, Kick It Out.

Clubs attending
In addition to UEFA's 52 member associations, clubs represented include Real Madrid CF, FC Bayern München, Liverpool FC, Leeds United AFC, S.S. Lazio, Parma AC, PSV Eindhoven, Rangers FC and Galatasaray SK.

Scourge of society
"UEFA realises that its action against this scourge of society is only one part of the picture, which is why we are pushing for a concerted effort on the part of all those concerned," said Gerhard Aigner. "The European conference on racism is a step in that direction. The first of its kind in European football, this conference is not an end in itself but rather a means to an end and the start of a campaign that should concern each and everyone of us."

 UEFA's responsibility
"UEFA recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure that racism has no place in football," added Mr Aigner. "An important part of the sport's success is that it brings together players and spectators from different cultures. Football always has been, and must remain, a game for everyone and a strong force for integration and co-operation."





Every year at the MTV Europe Music Awards, we aim to raise awareness of key social issues with the special Free Your Mind Award. This award celebrates freedom from intolerance and prejudice and recipients can either be an individual or an organization.





 Carlo Balestri received the MTV award from Patrick Kluivert.

This year, we are proud to announce that the winner of the Free Your Mind Award 2002 is the FARE network. FARE is Football Against Racism in Europe, and their aim is to rid football of racism by combining the resources of anti-racist football organizations throughout Europe. It helps to support and nurture groups and coordinates efforts on a European scale. By working together, FARE helps organizations share good practice and present a united front against racism in football.


FARE commits itself to challenging all forms of racist behavior in stadiums and within clubs by making their voices heard. By including ethnic minorities and migrants within their organization and partner organizations, they’ll work together to tackle the problem of racism in football.

FARE has the full support of UEFA, European football’s governing body. Gerhard Aigner, UEFA Chief Executive, says, “We must continue to campaign to kick racism out of football – everyone involved in European football has a responsibility here.”

MTV congratulates FARE and all those who support their outstanding efforts to rid the world of racism.


           Piara Power of Kick it Out and Carlo Balestri of Progetto Ultra with the award




UEFA to fund anti-racism drive
Friday 8 November 2002


UEFA has stepped up the fight against racism in European football after its Executive Committee approved a fund to support anti-racism activities.

Copenhagen meeting
The campaign to eliminate racism was high on the agenda at its meeting in the Danish capital Copenhagen and the Executive Committee agreed to donate €1.7m to help fund initiatives undertaken by UEFA's 52 member associations in the 2002/03 season.

'Anti-racism campaigns'
UEFA President Lennart Johansson said: "We have agreed to create a new fund to support anti-racism campaigns among our members." Each association will receive up to €34,178 to cover 50 per cent of the budget of its anti-racism activities over the next 12 months.

National initiatives
Member associations must submit project proposals for national initiatives to UEFA for approval prior to receiving support and UEFA will look at extending the fund into future years. Money from fines imposed on clubs and players by UEFA's disciplinary body will go directly into the fund.

Ten-point plan
UEFA recently issued a ten-point plan of action to the European football community, listing measures which could be taken to stamp out racism. While announcing the anti-racism fund, UEFA President Lennart Johansson took the opportunity to urge the European football community to put UEFA's ten-point plan into practice.

Call for action
"It's not enough to send out a paper - you have to follow it up," said Mr Johansson. "We call on all of the member associations, leagues and clubs of Europe to take steps to implement the action plan."



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